About Us

Vieva InTech is one of the pioneers in insurance services and technologies playing a vital role in niche areas like claims management and control. In a very short span of time it has achieved quite a few accounts for its products into the Indian insurance companies. Managed by young and experienced insurance technology experts, Vieva is planning to launch many more products which are the need of the hour for the insurace sector in India.

Vieva InTech's Philosophy - Mission Is Simple

Become a trusted partner for insurance companies to meet their vision as well as short term goals. Quick churn out of unique innovative offerings which will auger with insurance companies processes, technology and systems. Benchmark itself on evolving its products regularly to assist customer in TAT reduction, operational excellence, overcome leakages. Directly/Indirectly assist the insurance community to create an excellence benchmark for themselves in their areas of operation.

Vieva InTech's Vision

To become a numerouno trusted partner to insurance community to bring about. innovative solutions for efficiency and fraud control in insurance processes in India and internationally. disruptive/novel processes utilizing latest technologies in every insurance process.

Our Leadearship

Dhiren Ved founder Vieva Intech was working with Motor Surveyors and was also creating a online claims assessment solution since 2002. This made him create his vision product Motoveys ( Copyright Vieva Intech) – a first online claims management solution ( from intimation, assessment till finalization) in India. Read More...

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