Mobile Portfolio

Vieva Intech is a pioneer in
areas of application development
on tablets and mobiles

Vieva Intech has pioneered itself in areas of application development on tablets and mobiles and come up with innovative solutions for Insurance verticals. There applications utilize the latest features of mobile devices for Location awareness, Audio, video, streaming etc. Moreover with the typical challenges on mobile apps like limited memory, battery usage, network non availability, media file limitations over the network, Vieva has developed several solutions to overcome those.

Some of the products of Vieva Intech are

  1. PIDroid – An android based product for Preinspectors in Motor insurance industry which integrates with MotoPI ( hosted on Microsoft server platform) on real time basis. This solution has following benefits
    1. Drastic reduction in Turn Around Time (TAT)
    2. Help control leaks
    3. Has intelligent watch dog for monitoring of information sent on real time basis.
  2. Claimdroid – An android based, highly user friendly survey application which help surveyor conduct surveys and sync it on real time basis with Microsoft Platform based Motoveys – a popular motor insurance claims management solution. Benefits of the solution
    1. Help near real time claim settlement for small claims.
    2. Cost control
    3. TAT
    4. Instant Maker Checker facility between the mobile surveyor and office technical team.
    5. Leak controls
  3. Cattle-Proposal - A proposal
  4. Cattle-TagOn – This is an RFID based cattle tagging application. A novel concept to help the insurance companies with following
    1. Leak controls
    2. Better customer support facilitation for rural customers ( microinsurance)
    3. Help spread insurance reach in India.
  5. Cattle-Claims
  6. MotoValue
  7. MotoSpot